Virginia’s Crooked Road Heritage Music Trail

Winding through more than 300 miles of southwestern Virginia, the Crooked Road Heritage Music Trail dishes up authentic gospel and bluegrass music along side a mouth watering selection of local pit stops. The trail features nine major venues and more than 60 affiliated venues where you can listen to bluegrass pickers, a capella gospel singers, fiery fiddlers,and old-time string bands, plus lots of spots to explore the region’s rich musical traditions at museums and educational exhibits along the way.

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10 Best Eats on the Natchez Trace Parkway

Beginning in Natchez, Mississippi and running 444 miles to Nashville, Tennessee (or vice versa), the Natchez Trace Parkway follows the historic Old Natchez Trace through three states. Initially used by Native Americans who were following the tracks of large game such as bison, the Trace became an important trail for settlers, slave traders and soldiers. Today, it makes for a gloriously scenic drive filled with opportunities to stop and sample some of the South’s best food.

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BBQ Side Trips on Tennessee’s Music Highway

Consider this a second helping of “Eating Your Way Down the Music Highway,” as we here at Foodie Travel USA showcase more of the best dining options along Tennessee’s Music Highway, the official designation of the strip of Interstate 40 that runs between Nashville and Memphis. The route is only about a four-hour drive between the two major cities, so really, what’s your hurry? Take your time and savor some great out-of-the-way restaurants with a short side-trip or several stops off the main highway. If the word “barbecue" isn’t enticing enough, consider at least taking a break from watching mile markers click by to stretch your legs where the air smells delicious.

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Eating Your Way Down the Music Highway

In 1997, the Tennessee legislature designated the 222 miles of Interstate 40 from Nashville to Memphis as the “Music Highway.” This homage recognizes the unique musical heritage of the state’s two largest cities from the soul and R&B of Memphis to the country and Americana roots of Nashville.

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Food Trails

Themed food trails keep popping up nationwide. If we were to map the routes all out on a map the lines might look like a plate full of spaghetti. The appeal is simple: Visit a place famous for a certain type of food and don’t enjoy that tasty dish just once, have it a whole heck of a lot. Indulge while you’re in the best place to get that specific yumminess. Dig in and discover how different chefs give that local specialty their own special twist. Satisfy your curiosity and specific craving. Calories don’t count on vacation, right?

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Brief Guide of the Tennessee Whiskey Trail

In the years between the end of Prohibition and the beginning of the 21st century, the world of Tennessee spirits was pretty much dominated by two big names: Jack and George, as in Jack Daniel’s and George Dickel, the major players in the Tennessee whiskey category. In fact, state law dictated that alcohol could only be distilled in three counties of the state, two of which happened to be homes to the long-time whiskey stalwarts.

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48 Hours in Los Angeles, California

If pleasant weather and diverse food and culture are the sorts of things you enjoy in a destination, put Los Angeles, California on your must-go travel bucket list.  Even if you can only visit L.A. for a weekend, there is a ton of stuff that you can do in just 48 hours.  The sprawling city reaches from the San Fernando Valley on its north side all the way south to Long Beach, so each time you visit the City of Angels you can get a different experience.  Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a making a return trip, here’s my advice for a fun-filled luxurious weekend in L.A. with a foodie focus.

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