Peachy Summer Vibes

South Carolina’s Old 96 District Serves Up Summer Fun

Story by Brad King
Photos Courtesy Old 96 District
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Peaches, festivals, roadside stands, places to get a bite and places to take a break—all these things have South Carolina’s Old 96 District feelin’ peachy this summer.

The Old 96 #FeelinPeachy96 microsite and social media highlight where you can enjoy fresh peaches—and the season’s sweetest moments. The hashtag #FeelinPeachy96 on Instagram showcases food, events, and summertime experiences.

Though Georgia is known as “The Peach State,” South Carolina actually produces more peaches than any state this side of California. In 1984, South Carolina even named the peach its official state fruit—a full decade before Georgia did the same!

In South Carolina, 60 percent of the peach crop comes from the five counties: Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens and McCormick—these same counties form the state’s Old 96 Tourism District. A trip to Old 96 District is the perfect way to celebrate peach season.

The Old 96 District is located in western South Carolina. Three of the five counties sit on the Georgia-South Carolina border, where rivers and lakes form the area known as “South Carolina’s Freshwater Coast”—a perfect destination for boating, picnics, and outdoor fun. Farther to the west, the district bumps up against I-26 and extends south almost to I-20—so getting to the area is simple.

This peach season, Old 96 District is sharing some of its favorite peach recipes so you can enjoy the deliciousness at home. Dig into favorites from renowned foodies (and fans) including South Carolina peaches and cream oatmeal, South Carolina peach caprese salad, just peachy air-fried blended beef burger sliders, and Old 96 District-inspired peach shrimp salad with gorgonzola, to name just a few.

Come join the fun celebrating peach season at the South Carolina Festival of Stars and South Carolina Festival of Discovery, two long-time festival favorites around this region.

Stock up on South Carolina peaches at the Old 96 District’s numerous roadside markets and produce stands. Among our favorites:

5150 Edgefield Road, Trenton, SC

Don’t miss the mouthwatering homemade peach ice cream at Sara’s. Sara’s Fresh Market stands feature Titan Farms peaches and bell peppers along with locally grown tomatoes, watermelon, corn, sweet onions, and many other fresh fruits and vegetables.

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2669 Edgefield Road, Trenton, SC

Jackie’s Market is a family-owned and operated produce market specializing in fresh, local, tree-ripened peaches. It also offers shelled butter beans, peas, squash, okra, green beans, corn, tomatoes, watermelons, and cantaloupes. Jackie’s also has fresh peanuts boiled fresh on site. It carries an array of jams, jellies, ciders and relishes.

1224 Augusta Road, Trenton, SC

This popular roadside stand features seasonal fresh produce and local goods. Favorites here are peaches and boiled peanuts! Cook’s Farm is family owned and operated.

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37 Yonce Pond Road, Johnston, SC

Generation after generation, this business has grown from a small peach orchard to a thriving commercial organization with more than 4,300 acres, while continuing to maintain its core values over the past 80+ years. In fact, consistent quality has become a family tradition at J.W. Yonce & Sons. That’s why family members oversee every step of production from planning to shipping. Standards are high and the bar is continually raised. This farm is one of the largest commercial operations in South Carolina shipping over one million boxes annually. Using good old fashioned Southern values combined with state-of-the-art technology, Yonce is proud to provide only the sweetest Southern peaches.

This summer, South Carolina’s Old 96 District is feeling downright … well … “peachy.”

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Visit South Carolina’s Old 96 District

Peaches are just one reason to visit South Carolina’s Old 96 District.

  • Love history? Explore small towns and historic sites discovering the region’s role in shaping the U.S. Home to critical Colonial travel routes, the area spawned 10 governors, multiple cultural leaders and thinkers.
  • Golfers can enjoy numerous “Feelin’ Peachy” deals around the Old 96 District.
  • Discover art and theatre.
  • Sip local creations at breweries and distilleries.
  • Enjoy hiking and biking

…and so much more!

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