1802, 2021

Green Door Gourmet of Nashville, Tennessee

It could be said that food is our most important love language. “Mother Nature isn’t just a circle of life, it’s a circle of love—and one to be most revered,” says Sylvia Ganier, who works diligently on her organic farm in Nashville, Tennessee. Cultivating food is labor-intensive work with a low monetary yield; it’s ultimately a labor of love. 

1702, 2021

Atlantans: Enter to Win a $100 Gift Card

To help support local restaurants in our hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, we’re giving away a $100 gift card. Break up the monotony of your pandemic dining routine with a little help from Foodie Travel USA.  Whether you’re ready to dine in or crave to-go or curbside pickup options, these Atlanta restaurants are consistent foodie favorites. Take your pick among this mouthwatering list of options: 

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