806, 2021

The Birthplace of Beer Cheese

For years, beer and cheese—staples on snack trays everywhere—flirted with each other, but it wasn’t until the 1930s, at a restaurant in the tiny town of Winchester, Kentucky, that they got together to form a palate-pleasing power couple: beer cheese.

2505, 2021

Elderslie Farm

Most people can easily find goat’s milk cheese in local grocery stores. But how often do you get to meet the goats who produced that milk and enjoy fine dining within steps of the barn? At Elderslie Farm, in Kechi, Kansas, you can do both. Taking its name from a Scotch term for “where the elders lie,” the farm actually encompasses four businesses operating under the motto “affection, endeavor, delight.”

1805, 2021

5+ Flavorful Florida Gardens

Perhaps the best way to take advantage of Florida's sunshine is an al fresco meal surrounded by nature. It's the ultimate dinner with a view, all the better if your meal is inspired by or borrowed from the garden.

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