312, 2020


It’s one of those holiday dishes folks shake their heads at, chalking it up to the crazy culinary people of South Louisiana.  Even the name brings forth a laugh.  The portmanteau word “turducken,” a mash-up of its key ingredient names, takes a well-seasoned, deboned turkey and stuffs it with boneless chicken that’s been stuffed with boneless duck. In between are layers of well-seasoned Cajun-style dressing and pork stuffing.  

212, 2020

Northern Kentucky $50 Gift Card Giveaway

Enter to Win a $50 Gift Card $50 Gift Card Giveaway Simplify your holiday shopping with a little help from Foodie Travel USA. We’re giving away four $50 gift cards to help support local businesses in Northern Kentucky, a fun foodie destination where you can Come Find Bourbon, do The B-Line, and indulge in abundant local flavors. To enter: Click on meetNKY’s 2020 Holiday page to review the list of participating local businesses. Decide where

1711, 2020

The 10 Best Restaurants (right now) in Blowing Rock, North Carolina

Have you ever dreamed about visiting one of those picturesque towns featured in a Hallmark movie? A place where you can walk up and down Main Street—lined with eclectic boutiques and local restaurants—and there’s not a fast food joint or chain store in sight. Townspeople are friendly and greet you as you walk by or enter their shops. Blowing Rock, North Carolina is just that kind of town.

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