2712, 2019

Strawberry Hill Povitica

Strawberry Hill Povitica Story by Diana Lambdin Meyer Povitica is a mouthful, starting with its pronunciation. Even long-time customers of the indulgence at Strawberry Hill Povitica in Kansas City commonly mispronounce poh-va-TEET-sa. Povitica is a Slavic word for a delightfully rich bread that can be found in Eastern Europe as well as in Eastern European immigrant communities in the U.S. The only bakery in the U.S. that bakes povitica year-round, however,

912, 2019

Merry and Bright Holiday Hotel Meals

Merry and Bright Holiday Hotel Meals Story by Jill Gleeson When you and yours crave delicious holidays, options abound! While you might choose to prepare a festive meal and even pour some exceptional spirits at home, you might also treat yourself to a getaway to another city or dine out locally to avoid the muss and fuss of the kitchen. But where to go on a day when nearly every restaurant

1411, 2019

Jones Bar-B-Q

Jones Bar-B-Q Sisters of smoke in KC Story by Diana Lambdin Meyer Photos by Bruce N. Meyer Not long ago Mary and Deborah Jones were just two hard-working women, trying to earn enough money that Deborah’s daughter wouldn’t need to take out student loans or work a part-time job to pay for college. “I’m still just a girl from the ‘hood,” says Mary, but there’s no doubt that things changed drastically

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