Nashville Beer: A Heady History of Music (American Palate)

Nashville Beer from History Press tells the story of brewing and beer in Music City, beginning with the first German brewers who moved to Nashville from Cincinnati as part of the work force to build the needed new infrastructure after the city was named the capital of Tennessee. The Gerst Brewery dominated the industry throughout the first half of the 20th century, surviving Prohibition by selling non-alcoholic malt beverages as well as one of the first versions of Orange Crush soda.

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Three Extraordinary Beer Bars, Brewpubs & Breweries

There is no doubt about it: The boom of breweries, brewpubs and bars specializing in serving craft beers on draft, in cans and bottles is in full effect throughout the nation. Innovative concepts, stunning décor, themed fare, and untapped locations are just some of the ways producers stand out in the competitive field. Here are three extraordinary tap-pullers who take pride in both beer selection and customer experience.

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Sip Blue Ridge, Georgia

“If we don’t like it, we don’t drink it. If we don’t drink it, we don’t sell it,” is the simple, corporate mission of Grumpy Old Men Brewing. Chipley McKnight, founder and former co-owner, explains that back in 2012 he and his partner were a couple of old retired guys who were home brewing in an outdoor shower before graduating to the old gas station they transformed into a modern brewery. McKnight and his partner eventually passed control of the beer taps to another Grumpy Old Man and his Grumpy Old Lady, but the mission remains the same, as does the variety of beer and ale produced to satisfy a range of palates. In between the dark Hell’s Holler Porter and the lighter Tootla Creek Blonde Ale are both Pale and India Pale Ales.

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